Governing Documents

There are Governing Documents which provide guidance on how the Seabrook Point Community is to run. With view to providing ease of reading and reference, we have posted an abridged version of the Rules for Seabrook Point, since the Covenants and By-Laws (as recorded with the County) are relatively large files and not in a “user-friendly” format.

Seabrook Point Architectural Control Committee 

The mission of the Seabrook Point Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is to:

  • Preserve the natural beauty of Seabrook Point
  • Maintain the neighborhood as a pleasant and desirable environment
  • Establish and preserve a harmonious design for the community
  • Protect and promote the value of property

The ACC is charged with the responsibility of setting the building standards, examining, approving or disapproving any proposed new home, renovation, or out-building to achieve above-noted objectives. These rules are formally filed with Beaufort County. Click here to view the filing.

The ACC is headed by David Orford and Mike Smith. If you wish to contact the ACC, please do so via email or regular mail, using the contact details provided on the Contact Us page.

Click below to view the guidelines and associated forms.

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